The Project

About me, Lars Lehnert:

As an enthusiast for technology, I have been interested in digital photography since the early years. In 2000 I had my first digital camera and in 2010 I finally switched to a digital DSLR. During my 14 month stay in Antarctica in 2011 I developed my enthusiasm and got inspiration for my nature and wildlife photography. I am mainly excited by the polar regions of this planet.

That’s why I also have a big interest in taking pictures of auroras in northern and southern polar regions.

During my time in Antarctica I started to develop my own battery adapters to GoPro and DSLR cameras for doing long period time-lapse capturing from landscape and southern lights. Also during this time I was supporting a research project which monitored Weddel seal colonies with cameras using this kind of technique.

Northern lights cameras:

In 2017 I moved north, close to the polar circle in Sweden. That’s where my idea grew up again to have some high quality and high resolution cameras out in the field to capture landscape and northern lights.

The system is built into water-resistant outdoor houses with heating and fans in order to handle the hard, cold environment of north Sweden. Right now I’m using different kind of cameras, mostly from Canon, such as the EOS1100d, EOS1200d, EOS1300d and a M50 as a mirrorless system.

Pictures are taken every 3-5min and uploaded to storage where they are shown in a 24h gallery and in a time-lapse video.

But why? Because the normal outdoor / wild web-cameras available to buy don’t have very high resolution, and have less quality and a lot of noise. Also the capability to take images with long exposure times is limited. My goal was to get a high-quality web camera where you can adjust settings in a similar way to when you are taking pictures yourself. In addition the possibility to use different lenses was a big win.

Own Camera???

Would you like to have your own camera in a similar setup? You have your own location with nice landscape and/or a good possibility to see northern lights? Or you would just just like to have a high quality web-camera?

Then you should contact me to discuss the possibilities.

What can we offer?:

  • last 24h gallery
  • last 24h timelaps videos
  • Archive up to X days, with a simple tool to check and download full resolution photos
  • Highlight photos in you archive and move them into your personal “best-of” gallery
  • automatic KI to detect Auroras in photos

Does this sound interesting ? Then you should contact me to discuss the possibilities.